TikTok Making Room Virtual Event Hub

In honor of Women's History Month in March, TikTok and Crown & Conquer turned to Telescope to produce their "Making Room" Virtual Event Hub that featured women creators all around the world, all month long.


TikTok Making Room Hub landing page


Each year across the globe, Women's History Month is celebrated in the month of March. This year, to honor women and their achievements, TikTok and Crown & Conquer turned to Telescope to power a unique destination hub where women could come together, feel empowered and celebrate #WhenWomenWin. All month long, women creators everywhere were showcased within this all-in-one hub that was powered by our Virtual Event Hub product. Users had the ability to watch on-demand video content as well as 'TikTok Videos of the Week', read more about the featured women creators, and interact with other like-minded creators through a gated VIP experience.

 featured creators page
 Creators only page login
 uPic and downloadable assets


Upon initial load, users were presented with 4 featured on-demand videos as well as 6 'TikTok Videos of the Week' embeds below which were updated weekly. The "Featured Creators" page showcased top TikTok women creators that exemplified #WhenWomenWin. This section allowed fans to explore and gain insight by clicking into the specific creators pages and learn more about each individual as well as their direct TikTok link and handle.

The 'Creators Only' section to the site was a gated, exclusive page for like-minded creators to interact and connect together. Only those who were whitelisted had access to this page in order to engage in Zoom meet ups, download custom desktop and mobile backgrounds, and create branded selfies with fun filters utilizing our uPic product.

tiktok videos, featured creator info and uPic


  • All-in-one Virtual Event Hub that celebrated and featured women for the entire month of March

  • Updated content within each page of the hub on a weekly basis (VODs, TikTok videos, featured women, downloadable assets) keeping content always fresh and current

  • Featured 32 new women creators weekly, totaling to 100 women creators by the end of the month

  • uPic product further engaged creators by allowing them to create fun selfie images and share via social

  • Gated access to 'Creators Only' page ensured an exclusive and VIP feel

  • Managed and sent SMS alerts to creators notifying them about Zoom meetups