Universal Music Group CMA Festival Scratcher & Sweepstakes

On-site Scratcher game with instant win and sweepstakes entry

UMG Scratcher Sweepstakes pop up telling the user to "scratch here"


Telescope partnered with Nashville Universal Music Group to create an on-site “Scratch to Win” activation for their CMA Musical Festival.  Attendees of the festival interacted with our app to get a digital scratch off to win instant prizes and be entered into a sweepstakes drawing for a grand prize.

Sweepstakes form empty
large group of UMG artists
Scracther with "You Won" messaging


Attendees of the CMA Music Festival stopped by the UMG booth and used tablets to interact with Telescope’s “Scratch to Win” digital app by filling out a form and submitting their email address. Participants received a digital scratcher and swiped/scratched the screen to reveal one of three instant win prizes that could be redeemed at the event ($5 coupon, 10% discount, UMG Prize Pack).  After playing the Scratcher game, prize details were sent to the user’s email address.

Upon submitting the email form, users were also entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a guitar.

Scratcher form in various phases: brand new, mid-scratch and winner messaging at the end.


  • Sweepstakes Form: Easy to enter overall sweepstakes form for main prize with data collection for re-marketing purposes and fulfillment.

  • Scratcher app:  Fun scratcher game to reveal instant prize winners