US Census Concerts

Entercom utilized Telescope's streaming services as well as our Live Studio platform to power the multi-day United States Census Concerts featuring different artists and special guests.

Brandy singing with fan comment


Entercom turned to Telescope to manage the multi-day US Census Concerts that streamed to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and simultaneously. Each day featured a different artist, with Dierks Bentley kicking off the concert on June 29th, Meghan Trainor the following day on June 30th, Becky G on July 2nd, and Brandy closing it off on July 10th. In addition, NFL and WNBA players made special guest appearances during the concerts, catching the attention of both music and sports lovers. The featured artists and guest talents were brought together remotely for virtual performances, to raise awareness of the importance of the National Census and encourage Americans to fill out their 2020 Census forms.

Dierks Bentley playing guitar and singing
Becky G singing with fan comment
Meghan Trainor singing with fan comment


The 2020 Census concerts not only gave viewers virtual performances from their favorite stars, but more importantly, broke down the importance of the US Census and why it is critical that everyone fills out their 2020 Census forms (to ensure public services and funding for schools, hospitals, fire departments, to improve neighborhoods, and to determine how many seats your state is allocated in the House of Representatives). Throughout the stream, artists sang multiple fan favorite songs, and were joined in by special guests that provided knowledgable facts about the National Census. To further engage the viewers, Facebook fan comments were pulled on-air to the stream via Telescope's Live Studio platform.

count down live stream with guest speaker


  • Live Studio: Utilized to enable fan engagement by pulling fan comments on-air and giving them shoutouts throughout the streams

  • Each concert was streamed to the featured artist's social media channels and YouTube, Facebook, Instagram