Verizon Queen on Demand Live Stream

Verizon kicks off an epic interactive live stream event with icon, Bob the Drag Queen, promoting their 5G Ultra Wideband with the new Samsung S22 Ultra.

queen on demand promo


To show that the recently launched Samsung S22 Ultra truly lived up to its hype, Verizon envisioned a unique method to drive audience interactivity all while promoting the device's new bells and whistles. Bringing on the iconic Bob the Drag Queen from RuPaul's Drag Race to be the main star and host of the live event, Verizon took to Twitter and TikTok to live stream an interactive fan Q&A and stroll down the streets of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, utilizing the brand new Samsung S22 Ultra in one single take. Telescope successfully streamed this live epic event to both Verizon's and Bob the Drag Queen's TikTok and Twitter to show the audience at home what this new phone was truly capable of.

 queen on demand twitter live stream
 queen on demand promo
queen on demand tiktok


A week before the official Samsung 22 Ultra release date, with the help from Telescope, Verizon streamed the "Queen of Demand" live event to Verizon's and Bob the Drag Queen's TikTok as well as to Verizon's Twitter. Viewers interacted with the live event via the live TikTok chat or through Tweets throughout the entirety of the event. Host Bob the Drag Queen and guest Garrett Watts took off to the streets of Santa Monica in a carousel reading comments in real-time and answering fan questions.

From beginning to end, this epic event was streamed from the Samsung 22 Ultra in one single take showcasing the crisp camera quality and additional features it occupied for a seamless, high quality unedited stream.

verizon twitter live stream and tiktok live stream


  • Simultaneous streaming to both Verizon’s and Bob the Drag Queen’s TikTok as well as Verizon’s Twitter channel to expand audience reach

  • Streamed from the newly launched Galaxy S22 in one take seamlessly

  • Fans were further engaged by having their comments and Tweets read in real-time by none other than Bob the Drag Queen