Victoria's Secret PINK Back to You Sweepstakes

Victoria's Secret PINK partnered with Telescope on their 'Back to You' fall campaign, featuring an Instagram sweepstakes and custom site for their pop up tour focused on helping young adults get back to themselves post-pandemic.

back to you landing and tour page mobile


Over a year and a half of the COVID pandemic has been a strenuous journey for everyone, including the Gen Z who's young and often college focused paths were put on hold. With the world opening up again slowly, Victoria's Secret PINK wanted to give back and support their younger consumers by launching their 'Back to You' campaign that aimed to help individuals get back to themselves by doing things that they love. To achieve this, PINK turned to Telescope to power their Instagram sweepstakes along with building out their microsite that housed all things 'Back to You'.

 PINK gallery page
 Tour page
 Instagram Sweeps


The 'Back to You' microsite was a one stop online destination for users to get all the information about the sweepstakes and their IRL pop up event. Separated into 4 distinct pages, the 'Sweepstakes' page gave a run down on how to enter via Instagram, the 'Tour' page had information on their upcoming IRL pop up event, the 'Gallery' page displayed PINK's Twitter posts utilizing our Fan Feed, and the 'Rules' page stated the official rules of the sweepstakes.

Entering the sweepstakes took 3 easy steps to complete:

  • Post a video on Instagram explaining how they would use the $500 to make them feel like themselves again

  • Include the promoted hashtags (#PINKBackToYou and #PINKSweepstakes) and tag VSPINK in their posts

  • Follow PINK on instagram

Instagram sweeps entries


  • Custom PINK microsite with four distinct pages built by Telescope, where each page gave users easy access to information on all things 'Back to You'. Gallery page additionally utilized Telescope's Fan Feed which displayed a collection of PINK's Twitter posts

  • Sweeps entries were pulled seamlessly into Telescope's CONNECT Live platform

  • 500 people were awarded a cash prize of $500 each, totaling to $250,000 for the entirety of the sweepstakes that lasted from August 10th to August 28th

  • Utilizing promoted hashtags enhanced awareness of the event as well as brand, and increased PINK's Instagram following