Vodafone Group: #ResolutionsLive – Telescope’s Live Video Production



In 2017, Vodafone launched its new positioning, which is focused on the theme of optimism about the future through the possibilities of technology. New Year’s Eve is considered one of the most positive moments in time when people are looking forward to a fresh start, usually expressed through New Year Resolutions. Building on this positioning, #ResolutionsLive campaign was created.

The main objective of the Vodafone Christmas/New Year campaign was to reach and engage as many people as possible before, during and after New Year’s Eve, in order to spread Vodafone’s message of optimism for the future.



More and more people are sharing their New Year resolutions through social media, but according to data, only 8% of people achieve their resolutions. Vodafone wanted to let people share their resolutions Live on Facebook on New Year’s Eve and let the world cheer them on. After all, when we tell people about our resolutions, we are more likely to keep them.

Vodafone worked together with Telescope, Facebook and Santo to produce a bespoke Live experience on each of the seven participating Vodafone local Facebook channels (Albania, Czech, Egypt, Greece, Portugal, Romania, and Turkey), where people could share their New Year’s Resolutions Live.

The whole campaign started with Digital advertising, PR and Influencer engagement just around Christmas, when everyone was beginning to think about their New Year plans and resolutions. Utilizing Telescope’s Uploader solution people from all around Europe were able to submit short videos explaining their resolutions for 2019 using #ResolutionsLive.

During the lead up to the LIVE event, Telescope coordinated and managed the team of translators (covering every language) and video editors working around the clock to create content for the main broadcast.

On New Year’s Eve, people watched the LIVE event featuring the best of the submissions for their country. Viewers could interact with the stream through comments, reactions, and a live HTML optimism barometer.

The campaign also linked the most popular resolutions with offers such as free data and money off monthly plans.


Overall, the campaign reached over 85 million people across the seven participating markets with 260 M+ impressions. The Vodafone brand recall increased with 4.5 points.

Over 50,000 people watched the Live event, and 500,000 watched the feed across the day with 99% of positive and optimistic reactions and comments.

The average Live engagement rate was over 11%, which is very high considering that the only incentive was to share the moment of New Year with other people on Facebook.