Digital, Live and Everything In-Between


Creating original content is not easy, and a lot of planning goes into it. That’s why repurposing your content should be part of any marketing campaign. It makes the most of the effort, budget and time you’ve already put in, so you can get more value out of it. Here are a few tips on how to get more eyeballs on your content.


Republish your content for different platforms

multi channel marketing

One of the easiest ways to make more out of your content is to cross-post it across different platforms. Let’s say you have just wrapped up an amazing Facebook live video. Why not share the content from it on Instagram, Twitter and beyond? One thing to keep in mind beforehand is to make sure to adjust the format, length, overall design, tone of voice and presentation to suit each platform. Here are a few ideas on how to repurpose Live video content for different platforms:


  • Turn quotes & statistics into graphics, infographics, and other visual images
  • Cut and edit the video into shorter clips for IGTV, Instagram stories, Twitter videos (keep optimal length and format in mind)
  • Create impactful social media ads
  • Trim down videos to gifs or memes
  • Switch to the written word – turn your video into a blog post
  • Create a podcast with existing video


Use location and talent to your advantage


Anyone who’s worked on a production set knows how much time it takes to put together this type of event or a video shoot. While the focus should always remain on the primary campaign, planning additional content development could be very beneficial and valuable longer term as well as helping with the overall promotion. Here are some tips on how to make the most of it:


  • Create behind the scenes videos
  • Capture a recap video
  • Use talent for exclusive interviews


Think outside the box

fan feed

Go beyond the content distribution and repurposing strategy and add additional interactive elements to make your content stand out. Interactive content generally gives people more value and an opportunity to be a part of the conversation. Here are a few things that you might consider:


  • Fan voting
  • Fun Trivia and Quizzes
  • Real-time comments
  • Leaderboards
  • Social media hubs for your website to make fans feel part of the community


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