We all know that a strong digital presence is vital to any successful marketing campaign, but how do you capture and maintain the attention of your customers?

With 90% of consumers reporting to shop online during the holidays (Go Digital), it’s important to not only be online – but to stand out from the crowd and connect with your customers as well.

Reports show that Holiday 2018 e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 15.5%. Estimating that US shoppers will spend 119.99 billion online in November and December (Digital Commerce 360).

Below we’ve highlighted a few tips on how create successful Digital Holiday Marketing Campaigns, along with a range of fast turnaround mobile optimized solutions proven to drive engagement.

Drive Conversation LIVE

Live Streaming offers an unapparelled opportunity to create a two-way conversation with your customers.

Working with Nat Geo and Wildlife, we helped power an engaging and highly unique ‘Savage Thanksgiving’ Facebook Live Stream for a family of lions.

Viewers were encouraged to weigh in on the menu, predict what food the lions would eat first, ask questions and receive real-time responses from the on-hand Lion experts.

Our real time solutions helped to gamify the stream with a variety of graphics, similar to what viewers would see during a sporting event. Using tools such as: title graphics, on-air comments, interactive polls to make viewers a part of the action

The Savage Thanksgiving stream saw huge success generating: 594k views, 8.2K+ reactions, 1.4k+ shares, 3.9k+ comments along with industry wide recognition as a 2017 Shorty Awards Finalist.


Use Live + Donate

Did you know? The average person makes 24% of his or her annual donations between Thanksgiving and New Year’s… The Holidays are definitely the Season to give back

Transform awareness into action and harness the power of live video to connect directly with people who care about your cause.

Drive Social Good this Holiday by adding a donation capability to your Facebook, YouTube and Twitch Live broadcasts with our award-winning streaming platform, Live Studio. Contact us today to find out about our other mobile marketing and fundraising tools.


Offer Holiday Promotions and Instant Wins

Last year, one-third of shoppers reported holiday weekend purchases were driven by promotions (Word Stem).

Sweepstakes act as a great tool to drive awareness and purchase intent while simultaneously catapulting your brand’s message to the top of shoppers’ newsfeeds and directly into their Holiday gift bag.

Using our sweepstakes products, the NBA and Kia launched a highly successful promotional holiday campaign.

Driving NBA fans to interact with the KIA brand through an engaging sweepstakes program, our Instant Win mechanic with real-time digital activations increased sharing and drove repeat play.


Instant Win mechanics are also known to deliver rewards and drive loyalty to your consumers. A great tool for e-commerce promotions and holiday offers, giving users the chance to win instant prizes or discounts.

This application is often combined with our other sweepstakes tools and can live on your digital and social platforms. This can also be featured on third party sites to drive reach and awareness and include social sharing tools.


Incorporate Influencer Marketing

8 in 10 holiday shoppers report to be influenced by the internet before making a purchase (Word Stem).

A report by Social Media Week and YouGov found that nearly half of U.S. adults (48%) say they have purchased a product after learning about it via an online influencer (SMW & YouGov). It went on to say that women are more likely than men to say influencers inspire their future purchases (52% of women vs. 44% of men). Proving that influencers act as a vital factor when it comes to making decisions on what to buy.

Incorporating Influencer Marketing into your Holiday strategy enables an authentic way to connect with your customers while simultaneously bringing your brand to life.

Create a personal fan experience through brand or influencer messaging. Our Digital Autograph product offers a dynamic digital or live activation with a seamless response driving reach and shareable social experiences.

Fans can post a message directly to your brand’s page (and/or the influencer page) and receive a personal message (i.e. a Holiday Wishlist) as a reply to their original post.

Interested in learning more about our live streaming, sweepstakes, influence marketing solutions and more? Contact us today!

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