Earlier this year, Facebook launched Watch Party, a way for Facebook Groups members to watch videos together. At the time of launch, Fidji Simo, vice president of product at Facebook, wrote: “As we think about video on Facebook, we’re focused on creating experiences that bring people closer together and inspire human connection instead of passive consumption.”

Buzzfeed’s Worth It Watch Party

Last week Facebook announced Watch Party would be available to all Pages and people on the platform. This update comes as part of their ongoing strategy to build interactive and engaging experiences around video. Following the announcement, there have been some exciting Watch Party results on groups already. The company wrote on their blog: ‘Since launch, there have been more than 12 million Watch Parties in Groups, and Watch Parties garner eight times as many comments than non-live videos in Groups. The number of daily Watch Parties in Groups has continued to grow, increasing 7x since July.’

Creator Benedetta Rossi’s Watch Party

Watch Party will enable people, creators, and publishers to watch, discuss and react to playlists of videos together and includes a few new features making the experience even more fun. The latest updates include: threaded comments, so people can interact and have conversations, live commenting, which gives authenticity and a real-time element, and finally users will now be able schedule a Watch Party ahead of time.

All of these additional capabilities will make Watch Party a useful tool for page admins and individuals to experiment and incorporate within their own social media strategy. We are very excited to watch this space!

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