Facebook has announced their newest feature in interactivity – Native Live Polling.

Facebook’s algorithm works by increasing viral reach on the most engaging posts. Work with the algorithm and increase engagement around your brand by adding real-time native polls to your content and tying them to dynamic in stream graphics using our technology.

Through our award winning live streaming platform, Live Studio, we can help you maximize this new feature, amplifying engagement and monetization opportunities.



Flexible approach – Our producer dashboard and Live Studio tools enable a more flexible approach to live content and ways to customize Facebook’s real-time polling feature. Live Polling can also be integrated with Facebook’s cross posting functionality, so your polls can run across multiple pages and reach a wider audience.


Manage how & when results are displayed – With custom design templates and flexibility to manage when polling questions and results can be displayed on screen, we give you greater editorial control over your content. Manage multiple polls in real-time during one stream, with the ability to replay results for the last 3 polls at the touch of button.



Branded content opportunities– With our graphics templates and custom design options, create unique poll visualizations to deliver branded content campaigns or sponsorship opportunities.

To learn more about how Live Studio can help increase engagement and drive reach around your brand’s native polls – Contact us today! hello@telescope.tv

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