Facebook’s Head of Global Sports Partnerships, Dan Reed, recently shared some insight into the platform’s focus on live sports during his five-minute interview on Leaders In Sports.


Reed discussed why sport is a great fit for the platform and how Facebook is continuing to help broadcasters and rights-holders reinvent the way they’re distributing content and engaging with their fans. As he compared it: “Live sport is a great fit for Facebook because it is inherently social.”


With the platform’s new focus to bring people closer together, there isn’t a more powerful force than sports fans coming together to support their favorite teams: from cheering on during a live game, sharing anticipation over an upcoming event or exchanging their comments and thoughts throughout the season.


In his interview, Dan Reed focused on live video, highlighting recent partnerships with NFL and FOX sports amongst many others. However, Reed also stressed that it’s not only the major industry players who are finding value in distributing live content on Facebook, smaller leagues are also tapping into a global audience which the platform provides easy access to.


Facebook is truly focused to help broadcasters, athletes and sports companies make a transition into this new world and wants to reinvent the overall viewing experience. According to Reed, there are already over 650 million sports fans on Facebook alone, with another 200 million on Instagram.


He acknowledges that the way fans view content is constantly changing and the sports industry needs to move with the times, from changing the way it distributes content to building innovative social experiences that drive their business.


Reed also passed comment on just how quickly the industry is involving. “In the last six month over 3,500 broadcasts of live sports events were distributed on Facebook”. He continued by saying “We think the next three years will be even more rapidly changing”.


Finally, he summed up by stating that the platform currently has over two billion users and over four million advertisers with live video as their main focus. Dan Reed clearly believes there’s plenty of untapped potential for live sport on Facebook’s global platform.


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