Twitter is often the quickest place to find updates on what’s happening in the world with many social media users turning to it for breaking news and entertainment events. This makes the platform the perfect place for live content. As Kayvon Beykpour, co-founder of Periscope, says: “We had this early inkling that live broadcasting and live-streaming was a visceral, raw, powerful way for people to share what’s happening from the palm of their hand”.

Here is why you should also consider going live on Twitter.

1. Twitter offers access to a global audience.

twitter live streaming

2.  Videos in general get more retweets.

twitter live video

3. People on Twitter are mobile-first, which means they can be reached anywhere, in real time where live content thrives. 

4. Twitter users are hungry for new information.

twitter video stats

5. Twitter videos can influence consumer buying decisions.



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