Content is one of the key pillars of every company’s marketing strategy and something that can really set your brand apart from the competition. The ultimate goal is to create unique, engaging and creative content that your audience will love and come back for more. That’s where online voting campaigns come in. It offers a quick solution to populate your marketing calendar with interactive content. Whether you are thinking about the very first campaign or you are ready to take your voting campaigns to the next level, here are some tips from us.

Define Your Campaign’s Goals

Start by asking yourself what is the main reason for your voting campaign. Is it to conduct market research, use it as an opportunity for a new product announcement or general engagement? Once you know your key reasons you can easily assign a couple of metrics that will help you track the performance and overall delivery of your campaign. These can include Google Analytics data, social media engagement and reach as well as data collection and the overall number of participants.

Create Compelling Content

Original content will help you stand out in the ever-populated online space. So grab a couple of colleagues, check what your competitors are doing, research the new trends and start brainstorming. One area which is important not to overlook is to make sure that your content is connecting with your consumer. Some companies make this mistake and let their products be the priority of the whole campaign, but the most successful promotions think beyond that. Think what information or questions your consumers can relate to, might be eager to share online, or challenge their friends and family to? Make it fun, easy and memorable and do not rely solely on the copy. Visuals and graphics play a very important role too as it will be the first thing that can grab the attention of your website visitors.

Spend Time Thinking About Your Audience

When you are creating your online voting campaign, don’t forget to address your audience and demographic trends. Is this an international campaign or designed for one region in particular? In some cases, you might want to run two voting campaigns side by side and compare the results.

Planning ahead and preparing for key events your customers will care about can go a long way. Just think about all the voting campaigns you can create for major sports events and holidays. The possibilities are truly endless.

Don’t Forget to Measure Results

Measurement can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. However, it is important to evaluate your campaign and go over the key metrics you have defined at the beginning of the campaign. No matter how well-planned the original voting strategy is, analysing data at the end of the project can lead to a ton of golden insight which might set a precedent for future campaigns.

Increase the Frequency of Your Voting Campaigns

Like most things online, consistency and frequency of content can really help with building momentum and driving overall participation. For example, once your customers know that you run a monthly voting campaign, they will start getting more excited and be more likely to participate.

Ready to start running your first voting campaign online? Click here to find our more information about our Campaign Manager platform and how it can help you with your marketing efforts.


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