It’s Sunday, June 16th, and I’ve just touched down at the San Jose airport. Today, I’m off to 219 Design in Mountain View – the heart of Silicon Valley – for another wild Telescope adventure. But it’s not a solo Stream By OriTM, we have a whole team coming through. Art direction, lighting, photography, cameras, streaming, networking, gang’s all here. We’ve even got Licett, our fabulous Production Manager, sending us crafty refills from afar. This time we’ll be running a stream for R/GA partnering with Dupont, but we aren’t just streaming for an hour or two (or 8…). We’ll be live for 27 hours, no easy feat for anyone that knows the pitfalls of networking, encoding, and streaming.

What exactly will we be streaming for so long? We’ll be following along as a 3D printer creates a prosthetic hand for a child using a unique filament produced by Dupont. Our feed will be a feature in an ambitious advertising experience put together by R/GA in which, depending on your exact time of day and location, you will be served a unique experience, custom to the precise time you opened the ad, along with a live look at the prosthetic being created. All this to demonstrate the range and reach of Dupont’s products and to drive home the campaign’s tagline, that it’s not science fiction to farm lettuce in space and print hands, it’s all being done “n:ow”.

So how do you accomplish this, from the technical side?

First, make sure there’s lots of coffee. Then, call Telescope.

First order of business is a reliable internet solution. We oversaw the installation of a microwave internet solution as our primary network, as well as leveraging the in-house fiber as a backup. You never know, you know? These networks were tested and pushed to their limits to ensure that there would be no issues over such a long period of time.

Next, we worked with world class creatives to set up a beautiful shot of the printer doing its thing. Sepia tones colored the industrial efficiency of the printer, building something beautiful layer by layer. The focus is precise and deliberate, the lighting phenomenal. The image is framed like a piece of art in a Brooklyn warehouse-office hybrid. Powerful, meaningful, impressive.

Then, run an SDI line to a rock-solid encoder (and another for backup, see thoughts abouve re: you never know). We’re working in 23.976p, very specific, very cinematic. Stream that to a media server and hand it off to our partners in this endeavor, Imposium. From there, Imposium served the most recent 10 second segment into the ad. Magic.

Creative and technical, innovative and exciting. I’m putting the finishing touches on this post around hour 21, slightly delirious but with the end in sight. No drama, no hiccups, just an amazing stream and new ground for Telescope in live advertising. The results of the campaign matched the impressive execution: 3.3M total starts and 104k average views a day so far. Not too shabby.

What’ll we think of next? Follow along and join me on the next one.


Written by Ori Ravid

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