#TeamTelescope is excited to announce our newest technology platform – Campaign Manager.

Campaign Manager is a robust tool offering a highly customizable framework and simple UI for creating online voting and polling campaigns.

The technology provides a proprietary, easy-to-use, user interface which seamlessly integrates with our Social Moderation Platform, Connect Live, enabling clients to independently manage and manipulate campaigns across the company’s complete product and solution set.

We know that you want to run multiple campaigns and events to keep a constant dialogue with your consumers and fans. Campaign Manager offers an end-to-end solution for digital and social activations that help you constantly engage and connect with your audiences.

Producers can easily to create, edit and manage multiple campaigns, publish to web sites and show results on-air from a fully self-service toolset, providing a great user experience via a single dashboard.




  • Highly customizable framework to customize your campaigns with personalized designed templates to your brands style
  • Flexibility to change styles on the fly – such as colors, fonts, content, etc.


  • Multi-user support with controllable permissions to features (i.e. templates, styles and content)
  • Easily deployable amongst multiple teams


  • Includes integrated Social Sharing to help drive reach with embed code for easy publishing across multiple webpages or sites
  • On-air integration available for displaying results and data to viewers


  • Analytics tailored to your KPIs and ability to add Google Analytics with option for multi-language and localization support
  • GDPR compliant for enhanced privacy protection



  • Complete campaign navigation in a single dashboard
  • Ability to launch campaigns where, when, and how based on user selection
  • Fully customizable formatting, including graphics/images
  • Multi-language support with the push of a button
  • Real-time analytics tracking from the interface
  • Easy-to-manage control functionality for client management oversight where required


Interested in learning more?
Contact us today! A member of our team would be happy to talk to you.

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