We’ve pioneered audience engagement across every available channel from Facebook to Twitter, Alexa to Spotify, Amazon to Netflix and even OTT platforms like Comcast’s Xfinity – and now we are turning our attention to the dynamic ad space.

We know our clients are always looking to connect with fans in new areas and deliver wider reach. Launching this Summer, we have a range of new Ad Unit Solutions – focused on driving participation and deeper engagement for your campaigns.

Online Ads


These solutions offer streamlined versions of our digital and social products and create unique experiences within standard ad unit sizes unlike most ads running today.

Dynamic Ad unit solutions around our existing products include:-

  • UGC Content (Video & Photo submissions)
  • Voting & Rating
  • Sweepstakes & Instant Win Mechanics
  • Live Play-Along

We can also offer a more custom experience outside of our existing products within standard ad units sizes based on client requirements.


  • Promote an event prior to main launch
  • Drive Participation through already purchased Ad Space
  • Create a campaign that can live beyond the main digital or social experience
  • Provides additional sponsorship opportunities
  • Offer pre-promotional experiences


Interested in learning more? Take a look at some of our examples and

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UGC Uploader

Get the word out about your campaign and take content directly from the unit. Allows fans to submit photos and videos to help create a cool fan gallery, enter a sweepstakes or use it as an entry for a contest.


Uploader to Live Stream

What better way to promote a Live Stream event than to invite fans to submit what they would like to see and hear during an upcoming live stream? Not only does this solution help promote the event – but it encourages participation, drives content creation and adds additional value for sponsors.




Give fans the chance to win a prize, coupon or code to receive an exclusive piece of content with just one click. Can exist as an add-on to a larger campaign or standalone to boots brand awareness.

Ad_Scratcher Ad_Scratcher_02




Build fan engagement and let your fans be the judge. Boots audience interaction with this interactive ad and display at any point in a campaign (pre, post, live, non-live, and/or OTT).



Standard Vote

Give your audience the choice with an Online Vote utilizing standard login with email or Facebook. A great solution for votes that have a narrowing down the process or live reveal.

Ad_Vote Ad_Vote_02

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