With live video content becoming an increasingly important part of any multi-channel marketing strategy, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/Periscope, YouTube and Twitch can all be great places to leverage the benefits of live streaming, depending on the particular goals, as well as talent following on those platforms.

Each platform is different and offers unique benefits. You will be able to get more creative with your stream by incorporating custom elements that are most suited for each social media channel or OTT platform.

Keep reading to learn more about our recommendations on choosing the distribution plan that’s right for you.

Cross Platform Live Streaming


Facebook LiveRihanna Fenty Beauty Facebook Live

For the best social reach, interactivity and unique features like fundraising go live on Facebook.

Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes live video content generating 6X as many interactions as regular video content.

The cross-posting functionality on Facebook allows you to use the same live video across multiple posts/pages, helping you build audiences.



InstagramBunny Bowl Instagram

Nix the corporate talk – Instagram is the perfect way to authentically connect brands with users.

With 1B active users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms.

80% follow business accounts presenting a valuable way for brands to connect to their audiences in an authentic way.




Twitter / PeriscopeTwitter Periscope DiGiorno vs. Delivery

Twitter/Periscope has always been about “the now”, from breaking news to major live events –
it is the place to see what’s happening in the world and this makes it an important platform for topical “must see” live streaming video.

Optimized for the mobile 1st generation with 80% of users accessing via phones.




Twitch Live StreamTwitch
Popular amongst gamers, Twitch brings in 10M daily active users with an average watch time of 106 minutes.


Brands and companies don’t often utilize Twitch, which means it is less saturated with business ads and content in general when compared to the other platforms.




YouTubeYouTube Live Stream

Make use of YouTube’s unique live streaming features and tap into your already existing subscriber base.

The world’s 2nd largest search engine with over 1B users, primed for content discovery and a destination for live streaming.

This platform also benefits from higher video and audio quality.




Reaching your audiences where they are is one of the most important tactics in creating an engaging live stream. As preferred partners with Facebook, Twitter/Periscope and YouTube – our video production company has had the opportunity to stream to multiple social platforms simultaneously, driving wider distribution and engagement around our clients content.

We work with you to create the best content experience whether delivering to a single platform or across multiple platforms while leveraging each platform’s native tools to optimize engagement at scale.


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