FOX NFL SUNDAY Analysts Go On Facebook Live In Studio During Giants-Packers Playoff Game


Last week, the 2016 NFL playoffs began with four wild-card games which determined who will play in the divisional round.

Each game brought its own special surprises and great moments, but the New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers game gave the fans something extra with a special Facebook Live stream featuring the analysts at FOX NFL SUNDAY.

“This isn’t going to be like a show or anything,” studio show host Curt Menefee said to open the live stream. “It’s just going to be what’s going on like if we were sitting around without the cameras. Watching ball.”

The second-screen experience consisted of just that, with Menefee and Michael Strahan alongside Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson clapping and cheering after good plays, yelling after a mistake and giving commentary throughout.

Fans could submit questions through the comment area of Facebook Live that the four hosts answered, and they also talked about their personal history with the game and how it compares to what is happening now.

In response to players not wearing shirts when it is cold, Johnson said, “When I was coaching in a cold weather game I was just the opposite. I had so many layers on I could barely even move.”

Bradshaw added, “I just wanted enough so when I hit the turf I didn’t get abrasions. I didn’t want my skin getting ripped because your skin gets so beat up.”

Strahan shared how he hated getting mic’d up for games because he didn’t like the pressure of feeling like he had to nail every play.

Some of the questions that were submitted include: Has Eli (Manning) lost arm strength in his throws, who is the best matchup for the Dallas Cowboys, and can the Green Bay corners hold up for 60 minutes?

“This was fun,” Bradshaw said. “We should definitely do this again.”

“Maybe for the Super Bowl,” Johnson added.

FOX Sports also did a similar Facebook Live stream of studio analyst Alex Rodriguez during a Major League Baseball playoff game.

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