With over 1,000 attendees and some of the most forward-thinking decision makers in the sports industry, this year’s Hashtag Sports conference is the most diverse yet, which is why we are so proud to be one of the main partners for the event.

On the opening day, we hosted ‘The Power of Live’ panel discussion, moderated by Hemal Jhaveri, the editor for USA Today, with a great lineup of speakers including: Heidi Browning, EVP Chief Marketing Officer at NHL, Tim Greenberg, Chief Community Officer at World Surf League, Joe Caporoso, VP, Social Media at Whistle Sports and our very own Jason George, CEO at Telescope.

The discussion generated some interesting insights into how live video is changing sports business and fan experience all together. According to Heidi Browning: “Live content is going to create a whole new type of fan”, and we couldn’t agree more.

The challenge for every sports property, broadcaster and league, is to reach and engage today’s young fans, and live video on social platforms like Facebook and Periscope is a proven way to do this.

‪As Hemal Jhaveri said: “There’s such a hunger for the unmediated experience” and WSL’s Tim Greenberg added: “The people who are pushing and creating content have to be creative. You can’t just have the same desk show we have been watching for ten years on TV.”

Whistle Sports produce hours of live and VOD content and with Joe Caporoso’s experience in this space he touched on the key challenges that come with live video broadcasting: “You can’t afford to have more than one mishap of audio and video cutting out before you lose your audience.”

Our panelists also offered a variety of perspectives on how they approach live video broadcasting and the benefits it can provide.

Tim Greenberg remarked: “Using ‪Facebook live, we learn from our audience in real time and alter our broadcasts”.

Heidi Browning shared that NHL uses live in three ways. Number one, to drive tune in, number two, to expand the audience and number three, to elevate players with fans.

Jason George emphasized the commercial and marketing value derived from the organic engagement generated by live video, and how it benefits the discoverability of your live stream with nearly half of views being generated by someone seeing it in their news feed.

With the fast paced media industry and constantly evolving ways of communication, Joe Caporoso highlighted their future aims: “We have been live streaming for two years, now we are focused on monetizing the content”.

We would like to thank all the panelists for their participation, and everyone who came to see the panel or joined the discussion on social media.

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