Breakout Rooms

Organize a personalized and reliable event, experience, or virtual conference with ability to style the product to your brand's preference for a sleek and personalized look.

santa breakout rooms and watch along breakout rooms


Breakout Rooms can be suited for many events including conferences, watch parties, meet and greet events, Q&A’s, small group sessions and more.

  • Implement verified email or unique code login for security and exclusivity

  • Designate 1 host and 1 moderator (optional) with up to 14 actively showcased participants and 500 viewers in an observation-only role

  • Participants can interact directly with the host

  • Moderators can control participant's audio, video, and remove or promote participant for seamless events management

breakout room conference and mobile login


All stages of the event including keynote, breakout rooms, interactive sessions or Q&A can be managed via one destination.

  • Provides users a personalized interactive experience when in-person meetings are not always feasible

  • Perfect for various events whether it is a smaller 1:1 session or a group dynamic

  • Showcased participants can be rotated out to bring in new participants from observation allowing different users to be featured and feel central to the conversation

  • Ability to integrate with Telescope's additional digital products to create an immersive experience for users, i.e. adding chat or poll functionality

  • Capable of recording sessions for rewatching purposes and/or displaying online post event in a live stream or VOD

secure login, watch along breakout room and moderation