Custom Experiential/On-Site

Whether a simple sweepstakes sign up or a massive full experiential take over event, Telescope knows how to scale and build unique custom spaces that allow your brand to create a full fan experience on site.

Image of native apps built for NASCAR with Sprint sponsorship


Together we will work with your team to understand your on-site goals, whether it be engagement, data capture, content creation or brand awareness.  Large or small, we are always excited to come up with an engaging experiential campaign that takes advantage of not only the unique environment but the specific customer that will be present.

  • Work with our team to decide on unique experience, desired data, content captures, brand appearance, etc. to customize the final campaign and delivery to your needs.

  • Allow our team to help conceptualize a totally out of the box solution that is certain to remain memorable to all those it encounters.

  • Sit back and let us deal with the who and the how of the specific site executions should your team desire full on-site production and support.

Image of Ray Romano using Uploader and image of uploader on kiosk at Sundance and in mobile view


By creating a totally unique experience for users on-site, you allow the user to be more fully and memorably immersed with your brand.  Experiential marketing speaks directly to the consumer on the level the user will not only welcome but enjoy beyond traditional digital experiences.

  • Endless branding and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Totally unique experience to your brand, with the added bonus of engaging your customers face to face in real time.

  • Create a buzzworthy or viral moment based on a new and unique experience. 

  • High potential for organic social sharing (let your user be your greatest marketer)

View of the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood with a Godzilla head on top of the dome with a blue light coming out of his mouth and a twitter wall visualizing tweets.