Custom Online Vote

Telescope is able to utilize our 18+ years of voting experience to create completely customized online voting experiences based on any broadcaster's or brand’s specific audience or needs. In addition to our robust and unique user experiences, we pride ourselves on the level of verification and security that backs up each and every campaign. These elements are also customizable based on any client’s specific desires, concerns or end goals.

MTV VMAs custom in ad unit voting with 6 nominees


Come to us with an idea already in mind or ask us to create a totally custom user experience that meets your brand’s desired goals. We know voting like no one else, and are always researching and exploring new and exciting way to engage fans.

  • Work with our team to decide on unique user flow, data capture points, desired reports, etc. to customize the final campaign and delivery to your needs

  • Customize the scoring, values, and incentives of your specific voting campaign to your end goals and KPIs

  • Sit back and let us create a totally custom voting experience that will be unique to your show or brand with the potential to elicit envy and copycats (trust us, we’ve seen many)

2018 AMA artist page where you can select all the categories to vote for that artist


Creating a unique customized vote allows the user experience to speak directly to their fan or consumer on a level the user perhaps already find familiar or inviting.

  • Endless branding, sponsorship, and user flow options

  • First-to-market experience not seen before by any of your brand's competitors

  • Create a buzzworthy and viral moments based on a new, never-before-seen experience

Project Greenlight custom vote and judging application