Easy Poll

Build, customize and launch your fully branded poll in a few easy steps.

breakthrough artist of the year poll


Whether building a poll to stand alone or add to an existing site, you can easily access and edit within minutes from our Campaign Manager platform.

  • Easily create a poll and style to your brand preference with the Campaign Manager simple editor

  • Upload images or embed YouTube videos to enhance poll options with engaging media content

  • Flexible layouts and configurations make it easy to customize buttons, colors, assets and more

  • Ability to use poll as a stand-alone site or embed into an existing site to enhance an existing web presence

  • Create your poll and have it live within minutes or pre-schedule content in advance

Superbowl MVP Vote poll and Campaign manager edit


Providing a poll for your audience creates a fun and engaging branded experience and allows users to share their personal opinions.

  • Create polls on the fly to engage audiences with real-time content directly relating to live events

  • Or, schedule polling to create a regular and evergreen experience your fans can count on

  • Effectively collect feedback and audience sentiment via built-in analytics dashboard that showcases total votes by option

  • Available API integration makes it simple to display poll results within an on-air broadcast

  • Creates fan engagement results that can directly affect the outcome of shows or events

poll analytics