Native App Experience

A native second screen experience that creates a home base for your brand that is embedded into each user’s smart device.

American idol native app landing page and vote modal


By utilizing the native app experience on smartphones or tablets, brands are able to create an experience all their own that best takes advantage of the phone’s capabilities.

  • Decide on the second screen experience you feel will best capture your audience, whether it be voting, content creation, sweepstakes or a combination of multiple experiences.

  • Keep experience fresh and new by utilizing a variety of products that can easily switch in and out as needed via Telescope’s CMS platform.

  • Utilize push notifications feature whenever it is an opportune time to engage your audience.

  • Create a brand destination that is easily accessible at any moment of the day.

The Four native app with hashtag voting, standard voting, videos, and auditions


A custom-branded native app allows you to focus your fan’s attention in a direct and singular manner through a second screen experience.

  • Creates a brand destination that is easily accessible at any moment of the day.

  • Optimize existing capabilities such as native login or direct sharing to create a more seamless experience for your audience.

  • By keeping a visual presence on the device, the application has a consistent visual exposure and becomes its own brand reminder.

  • A valuable sponsorship opportunity for any brand or sponsor as the user experience is contained and can be customized outside the normal standard ad unit spaces to the specific requirements, often lending itself to a more organic sponsorship appearance.

Custom branded kisoks at sundance film festival for Francis Ford Coppola activation with telescope