Smart Speakers Applications

Bring the branded experience directly into any room in a user’s home by creating a custom interactive voice-activated campaign utilizing Smart Speakers (such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa).

Paradise hotel CTA promoting eleven contestants to vote for via Amazon Alexa


Whether it be a vote, trivia, sing-along or anything in between, Smart Speakers allow for fans to interact with as simple as a voice command. No logins or additional steps taken, simply say the magic words and fans are engaged with the brand.

  • Fans enable the smart speaker application on their device

  • To start, users ask their smart speak to start the experience with whatever command is required for the smart speaker system.

  • Interactive play along is done through voice commands and is as simple as talking to a friend or ordering a pizza.

  • Designate your end goal, whether it be a vote, a sweepstakes or simply to sing along to their favorite lyrics.

Visual of the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack and Alexa with the statement "Alexa, open Mamma Mia!


As people become more and more comfortable with technology in their home in ways that make their life easier or more enjoyable, so do they begin to expect their life to become more connected and integrated with the content they watch or explore. Our applications engage the fan in entirely new, yet an already familiar user experience thanks to the growth in the smart speaker market.  

  • Offers interactivity on a new and emerging medium becoming more and more common in people’s daily lives and interactions within their home.

  • Low bar of entry so little to deter any user who already owns a smart speaker from giving it a try.

  • It’s simple, it’s straightforward and offers a unique take on any campaign’s creative impact whether the main event or as complementary add on.

Google Search of NBA teams with an Alexa next to it with the statement "Alexa, vote for NBA All-Star"