Bracket Madness

Build brand awareness, generate new leads and
at the same time boost engagement with your audience –
it’s time to get your game on with a bracket style experience.

Donald Trump may say it’s #fakenews but more people will fill out NCAA brackets this month than voted for either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election. Add in the entry fees and office pools being created, there’s roughly $2 billion up for grabs – yes Brackets are big business! Even more amazing, it’s a sure fire way to engage consumer – brackets give fans a reason to tune into all the games, not just when their favorite team is playing.

There’s much to be learned from the fervor and loyalty that a bracket experience can generate. More and more brands are seeing this and using brackets to create dynamic multi-layered content experiences. In our suite of data driven engagement products, our bracket solutions score high every time with clients and achieve a range of marketing goals.

Increased time
on site, on social
or in app
Create high social
generating shares
Drive repeat usageBoost customer
engagement & gain
new leads
If March Madness has set in with your co-workers claiming they have predicted the winning teams and will stash the office pool, but you’re still left scratching your head and none the wiser to what a Bracket is — here’s our Bracket 101 guide to help you see through the madness…



Perhaps the pure genius of a bracket is the very specific single-elimination format which unfolds over weeks (or days). The simple structure makes it easy for fans to take part and to understand the steps. It also makes it easy for brands to integrate their content and messaging into this format without the audience feeling like that are being sold something and bashed over the head with a brand message.

The episodic, multi-step process of a bracket – as winners advance from weekly or daily voting – enables new content or messaging to be organically woven into the experience. You now have a captive audience – waiting to cast their vote and get to the next round – and this offers a unique opportunity to connect more closely with them. As users keep coming back, it offers the chance to track their behavior and find out what content resonates. This gives you the power to personalize and tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly.

A unique Facebook Live activation for WWE Champions where wrestlers go head to head in daily brackets as fans choose the greatest wrestler of all time. The experience is powered by Telescope’s Live Studio Platform.


From eSports to TV Couples, Superheroes to Favorite Fast Food, and Show Dogs to
Muppets – Brackets come in all shapes and sizes. Sports is clearly the gold standard, but we’ve also powered many successful brackets that have nothing to do with sports, such as the “Say Yes To The Dress” Wedding Gown Bracket which Telescope produced for TLC.

Brackets can run at any time of year and in fact many brands are tapping into the high engagement across social media during and after sports event to drive engagement for their non-sports brackets. It’s a savvy practice. Think of content that your fans can relate to. They can be topical, product driven or prediction based. What will drive repeat visits, inspire and build loyalty?

• Stats
• Videos
• Images
• Sweepstakes
• Instant Wins
• Email Capture
• Survey
• Social Data
• Brand Awareness
• Audience Retention


At the end of the day, brackets are all about the experience. With the competition seamlessly intertwined, fans are motivated more than ever to build communities and join in on the challenge. Add on the chance to impact the narrative, win an awesome new prize, be featured for their ’15 seconds of fame’, or simply claim the bragging rights with coworkers at the office or with friends and family on Friday night out – BRACKETS are truly a win for everyone.

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