Campaign Manager

Telescope’s new self-service platform provides a scalable solution to help you create and manage a new generation of engagement web applications.


This robust platform offers a highly customizable framework and intuitive UI for creating real-time polls, votes, play-a-long games such as trivia, sweepstakes, UGC programs as well as custom web apps.



Easy to customize for multiple campaigns, promotions, brands or networks

  • Intuitive and user-friendly workflow with minimal training required
  • Customize text, images, video content, and social sharing content
  • Stylize colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc.


Designed for enterprise needs

  • Custom web apps built to premium corporate requirements 
  • Capable of handling mass scale campaigns
  • On-air data integration available with real-time results
  • Domain integration options
  • Corporate single sign-on integrations available
  • Supports multiple users and teams with controllable permissions
  • Options for ad serving integrations
  • Audience registration capabilities for data collection and direct relationship management

Simple and intuitive campaign management

  • Create snapshots for open, closed and other states and easily schedule or rearrange
  • Simple embed publishing for websites and mobile apps as well as stand-alone URLs
  • Multi-language and localization support


Analytics and privacy capabilities

  • Real-time analytics and data collection tailored to your KPIs
  • Customizable reporting features
  • Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics integration options
  • GDPR compliant for enhanced privacy protection