Campaign Manager

Telescope’s CMS platform has powered hundreds of digital
and social campaigns delivering millions of fan interactions globally.


Campaign Manager is our NEW self-service product built on our proven tech- nology, offering a scalable solution to help you create and manage
a new generation of engagement solutions.

The robust toolset offering a highly customizable framework and intuitive UI for creating online voting and polling campaigns.

Producers can easily manage campaigns via a single dashboard:

• Fully flexible platform
• Create, Edit, Deliver Multiple Campaigns
• Multi-language support with the push of a button• Publish to Digital Properities
• Visualize Results
• Real-time analytics tracking from the interface
• Client management support


• Options for AdServing, APIs, login and reporting

• Third Party Extensions or Integrations


Highly customizable framework to customize your campaigns with personalized designed templates to your brands style

• Simple, user-friendly interface
• Flexible templates
• Ability to change styles on the fly
• Control over color, fonts and content• Supports multiple users
• Controllable permissions features


• Integrated Social Sharing to help drive reach with embed code for easy publishing across multiple webpages or sites

• On-air integration available for displaying results and data to viewers

Analytics & Privacy Policy:

• Analytics tailored to your KPIs and ability to add Google Analytics with option for multi-language and localization support

• GDPR compliant for enhanced privacy protection