College Sports


Connect, Entertain and Engage college sports fans in the world’s largest stadium with the most comprehensive Facebook Live streaming solution that lets you talk with your fans, not at them.

Telescope’s LIVE STUDIO delivers results. Let your fans cheer on their favorite teams with friends, interact with coaches, players and athletes and grow your reach with unique live interactive mechanics and real-time production elements.

48% of viewers discover live streams through their news feed

Fan Engagement Features to Drive Social Reach

Go live more often and create more shareable content for your fans

Schedule your broadcast

Find new fans and grow your audience. Enhance fandom on gameday!

Interact directly with fans from all over the country or globe

Live QA

Give fans a personal shout out and display fan comments in the stream

Let fans weigh in on latest news and trends

Real-Time Sports Fan Polling   Reactions

Capture the pulse of your fans with live polling and create buzz across newsfeeds

Continue the conversation & monetize your fanbase

e-Commerce & Sponsor Solutions

Re-target your fans post-stream (sell tickets/merch) and deliver paid promotions

Drive awareness and encourage your fans in to action

Live + Donate

Enable fans to support the causes and foundations of their favorite colleges and teams

Let us help you measure, track and analyze your lives

Data and Analytics

Optimize your content strategy – build your page and highlight top VOD content

Camera App

Create a mobile first experience, give fans behind the scenes access and get them closer to the action!

Stream from your iPhone and embrace live moments wherever you are. It’s like having a production crew in your pocket.