Top Tips For Live Streaming

How to Make Video More Engaging


Drive Awareness

Promote your stream and schedule your post to build an audience ahead of time.

Our Scheduling Tool provides an announcement post that can be shared socially or embedded as a link enabling people to opt-in for a reminder.

Pin the post to keep your message and initial call to action at the top of the page.

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Connect Live Events with Digital Experiences

Use your live event as an opportunity to engage your fans online.

Make them part of the experience by incorporating interactive elements into your live stream.

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Engage & Connect

Provide unique ways for audiences to participate and be part of your live content.

With dynamic content you will drive your audiences to share the experience. 48% of viewers discover live streams through their news feeds.

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Transform Awareness Into Action

Donations made online continue to rise year after year.

Use your live stream as an opportunity to enable fans to support your causes with real-time fundraising tools.

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Make it Personal

Incorporate your viewers’ voice. Personalize the experience by displaying comments, and acknowledging viewers by name.

Keep your viewers watching by highlighting what’s coming up next. Use challenges to build audience anticipation. Utilize custom graphics to brand your live stream.

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Keep the Conversation Going

Utilize Facebook’s Custom Audience tool to retarget viewers with a message in their news feed with additional information surrounding your brand or a different CTA.

A video on-demand (VOD) will be also available shortly after the live broadcast. You can attract additional viewers by creating another post calling out and linking to the original video.