Smart Speaker Solutions

SMART SPEAKERS– are quickly becoming an essential part of everyday life –

72% people say that their devices are used as a part of their daily routine.

We see huge potential for how these secondary devices will be used to interact with TV and digital content and give brands and content owners a new opportunity to engage with consumers. See below for our range of new solutions.

Our Engagement & Monetization Solutions for Alexa

As Smart Speakers become an intrinsic part of the home environment and consumers move towards voice technology at record speed, this offers new ways to engage audiences, deliver branded content or new sponsorship opportunities.

Our development teams have been busy here
at Telescope HQ exploring new smart speaker experiences ( testing ALEXA’s patience with different commands and ordering late night pizza of course through their smart speakers). Luckily ALEXA’S still talking to us and we have a range of solutions that we’d love to share with you.

Our award-winning technology can engage with Alexa via
• Games
• Trivia
• Live Voting
• Live QAs
• Live Reveals
• Behind the Scenes Content
• Product Launches
• Performance
• Sweepstakes, Custom Deals & Promotions
• Latest news & updates
• E-Commerce – click to buy on Amazon

Research shows that people who own voice-activated speakers welcome brands as part of the experience – and are open to receiving information that is helpful and relevant to their lifestyle.

Information that Alexa owners welcome include:
• Information about deals sales and promotions 52%
• Personalized tips and information to make my life easier 48%
• Information about upcoming events or activities 42%
• Options to find business information (e.g. store locations, hours) 39
• Access to customer service/support 38%