Social Media Campaigns

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Messenger Social Engagement Tools

Our social solutions deliver unique and personal experiences to reach consumers on platforms where they are already engaging and spending time. We work closely with all the major social platforms to develop marketing solutions and API integrations that enable leading global brands to engage their audiences on social. We offer a range of products and customizable solutions, all built on our reliable, scalable Platform.

Real-time UGC Curation & Display for Broadcast, Digital, Social & Live Events

Let us help you become part of the conversation. Through our suite of UGC products you can create authentic content and share in multiple destinations. Our solutions have engaged audiences and consumers worldwide through unique experiences and been integrates into broadcast, social, digital and live events. Powered by our social marketing platform, Connect Live, we gather people’s stories and content in real-time and streamline multiple feeds of UGC content into one environment.


Our automated BOT solutions offer a number of ways to personalize the way you communicate with your fans and consumers through text, video and images.



Our native influencer activation products enable you to leverage the persuasive power of these influencers to increase brand awareness directly on social.


Real-Time Twitter Campaigns

Capture the pulse of fans minute by minute on Twitter with a simple hashtag. Social media provides a unique platform for real-time response and Twitter voting enables you to maximize and drive huge response, tapping into social trends.



Our Socialize product allows fans to create a crowd-sourced visualization and engage with dynamic social content using a specific hashtag. As fans interact, the curated content builds a visual mosaic of users avatars.

Fans can interact directly with one another to activate discovery of new content – this can be exclusive images, videos, promotional codes and branded messaging. Our clients use this product to sweeps, content exclusives, live events & digital coupons.


Fan Feed

Our Fan Filter product curates all social conversations into one visual interface, offering a dynamic experience. Offers multiple channel feeds and content filters, with full moderation tools.

Our clients use this product to create customized galleries of social activity and conversations.

Meme Generator

Easy Meme

Our Meme Generator product enables fans to get creative and generate their own memes using approved graphics to share on social media. Our easy meme tool makes it very simple for fans to interact and create their own memes. All content is moderated through Connect Live and fans can share to numerous social networks or download.

Meme Generator