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Video Engagement & Streaming Solutions for Digital, Social & Mobile Platforms

Digital video is predicted to become the #1 source of entertainment by the end of the decade. If the future of video is online, the immersive medium will be driven by creativity and innovation. Telescope’s products enable you to reach new audiences by creating compelling experiences across any platform and integrating both premium and UGC content, helping you to stay at the forefront of the video revolution.

Video Uploader

With an estimated 75% of mobile traffic going towards video content by 2020, being able to create, share, and instantly interact with videos is becoming increasingly important for users across their social networks.

Whether they are uploading a video question to their favorite sports personality, reacting to a funny TV moment, or interacting live with a newscast, our video uploader tools seamlessly make your viewers a part of your conversation. Our platform agnostic approach to video, makes it easy for you to reach, grow and manage viewer engagement.

Video Uploader Platform
Video Reaction Tool

Video Reaction

Capture reactions to your content’s most notable moments with our Video Reaction tool. From real-time video QAs to topical mash ups, let your fans co-create and share your content.

Video Reaction Tool