We know our clients are always looking to connect with fans and deliver wider reach on their OTT properties. Our backend technology offers rich flexibility for self-service solutions to not only drive engagement but gather first-party data so that you can maximize the experience on your OnO properties – where you control the experience. We have handled large integrations with many SSO providers, both 3rd party and our clients own custom solutions.

Keep reading to learn more about our self-service solutions and the innovative technology that powers it.

Self-Service Products



BBC & Campaign Manager

  • The BBC Campaign Manager Template is a customized solution created specifically for the BBC.
  • It was built on Telescope’s self-service platform, Campaign Manager, and built to BBC’s specifications.
  • The template is fully integrated with BBC’s unique BBC ID login can be customized and designed per BBC brand per campaign, has BBC branded fonts, the option to geo-block votes, and is fully integrated to function within the BBC website as an iFramed structure.
  • All data in the Campaign Manager platform is shown in real-time, displaying all valid votes for a campaign at any given time.
  • The self-service platform allows BBC brands to set up a completely branded experience for any number of campaigns to encourage audience participation.

Click here to learn how The BBC used Campaign Manager to amplify their hit show Strictly Come Dancing.


BBC_CampaignManager1   BBC_Campaign Manager


World Surf League & Live Studio 

  • The World Surf League uses Telescope’s Live Studio for exclusive content only shown on Facebook to enhance their broadcasts with buzz from Twitter and Instagram.
  • On Facebook, WSL utilizes Comments to Air, Facebook Live Native Polling, and Live Studio keyword polling to bring the audience into the exclusive, interactive shows.
  • They also use Telescope’s Custom Templates to build unique graphics including a custom made and branded Heat Timer.
  • WSL aggregates and moderates incoming social content from multiple sources through
  • Connect Moderation for each of their large-scale event broadcasts.
  •  That content is then sent on air to encourage viewers to join the conversation online while tuning into the broadcast.



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