Alexa skills for kids are the fastest growing category for Amazon’s voice assistant.

Here are some tips to help you build an engaging and child-friendly voice app.

It’s common knowledge that smart speaker adoption is growing quickly. But did you know that some of their biggest users are very small?

When Amazon rolled-out their child-friendly voice initiatives, FreeTime and Echo Dot for Kids, it opened the door for child-focused companies to enter into the voice technology world. Brands and businesses have already taken note of this, which is perhaps why Alexa skills for kids are currently the fastest growing category for Amazon’s Alexa

The Earliest Smart Speaker Adopters

From the start, families made up some of smart speaker technology’s earliest adopters. Today, they continue to be their biggest advocates, using their devices about 20% more than owners without children.

This isn’t such surprising news since voice assistants make small tasks a lot easier. What’s less obvious is that many parents bought their smart speakers specifically with their children in mind. In fact,  over half of smart speaker parents listed entertaining their children as one of their top reasons for buying their device.  

Parental Concerns

It’s clear that building a smart speaker application that caters to children can be beneficial for your brand. That said, getting it right will be tricky. While families are definitely using the technology, the newness of the platform raises some definite concerns, the most consistent of which is privacy.

If you’re looking to build a smart speaker skill for children, here are some things to consider!

Children’s Alexa Skills: Facts + Tips

Why do parents like smart speakers?

  • An alternative to screen time
  • Brings families closer together
  • Educational (scholastic and social)
Tips for skill:  
  • Make skill easy integrate into a daily routine
  • Encourage shared experience
  • Promote learning and good behavior

How are children using smart speaker apps?

  • To play games
  • To ask jokes/ hear animal sounds
  • To ask questions
Tips for skill:
  • Update content regularly to encourage repeat behavior
  • Be sure content is age appropriate and caters to nuances in the language of the age range it caters
  • Make content fun and goals easy to understand

What are parent concerns?

  • Privacy
  • Lack of understanding due to the infancy of the platform
Tips for Skill:
  • Do not promote commerce
  • Create a separate space to explain and promote skill, so that parents can better understand what to expect


If you need any help building Alexa skills, reach out! 


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