We’re using social engagement to bring the total lunar eclipse to you. Visit Telescope’s Total Lunar Eclipse FanFeed to see how others are experiencing the #TotalLunarEclipse.

Here we are again. The total lunar eclipse.That rare occurrence when the moon is blacked out and turns the night sky to total darkness. It’s taking place this Sunday and there’s even a Blood Moon. Over here at the Telescope office, we cannot wait.

We hope you’re as excited about this event as we are. But before we get any further, it’s important that you know something. We want to help you watch the total lunar eclipse this weekend, but just so we’re clear, we do not sell telescopes.

To those calling into the Telescope office, trying to buy a telescope for the total lunar eclipse on Sunday: we’re sorry. We are really, truly sorry. We’d love to help you get that telescope you’re looking for, but we can’t. Because even though our company is called Telescope, we don’t actually sell telescopes.

Telescope provides engagement solutions for digital, social media, and broadcast. If you needed a hashtag vote, we could do that; help with live streaming, no problem. But sell you a telescope? No, we can’t do that. We do not have that capability.

What you should know is that if we did sell telescopes, we would do everything in our power to make sure you got the model you needed. Unfortunately, we absolutely do not sell telescopes. There isn’t a single telescope in this office.

Learn more about Telescope’s FanFeed.

The good news is that you don’t even need a telescope to view the eclipse this weekend. Better news? We’re bringing the eclipse to you. Visit our Total Lunar Eclipse FanFeed for a photo gallery of the event. Use hashtag #TotalLunarEclipse for a chance to be featured!

Happy eclipse viewing!




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