Wondering how to incorporate User Generated Content into your marketing campaigns? 

Check out how these 4 campaigns helped our clients drive awareness and real-time results through our dynamic UGC tools. 

User Generated Content


Vodafone Group: #ResolutionsLive

UGC & Live Video Production

For their 2018 Christmas / New Year campaign, Vodafone wanted to connect with people throughout Europe and hear what they are most optimistic about for the future ahead.

We worked with Facebook and Santo to produce a bespoke experience on seven of Vodafone’s local Facebook Channels including: Albania, Czech, Egypt, Greece, Portugal, Romania, and Turkey.

Using our interactive video tools, individuals from all around Europe were able to submit short clips describing their 2019 resolutions using the hashtag #ResolutionsLive. All UGC videos were set to be showcased LIVE during a multi-channel NYE live stream event.

Leading up to the live event, our video production team worked around the clock to moderate all UGC video submission and create content for the main broadcast. In addition, our team managed a group of translators to

Vodafone and Telescope UGC Video Tools

On New Year’s Eve, hundreds of people watched the LIVE event featuring the best of the submissions from their country. Viewers could interact with the stream via our live streaming engagement tools including: comments, reactions, and a real-time optimism barometer.

The campaign also linked the most popular resolutions with exclusive Vodafone offers such as the chance to receive free data and reduced monthly plans.

Results Vodafone and Telescope UGC Video Tools

The campaign reached over85 million people across the seven participating markets with 260 M+ impressions. Over 50,000 people watched the Live event, and 500,000 watched the feed with 99% of positive and optimistic reactions and comments. The average Live engagement rate was over 11%, which is very high considering that the only incentive was to share the moment of New Year with other people on Facebook.


Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Digital Video Campaign & Experiential Activation at Sundance

We put our interactive video tools to the test again with Francis Ford Coppola Winery.

With the goal to engage local and global audiences, we helped Francis Ford Coppola Winery create an interactive video activation – aimed at reflecting Coppola’s adventurous and risk-taking spirit.

Fans from around the world were invited to visit CoppolaRisk.com and submit a short video describing a risk that they have taken for art.

All submissions were filtered into a moderated gallery and acted as a sweepstakes entry for a chance to win a vacation at a Family Coppola Hideaway.

Telescope and Francis Ford Coppola Winery’s Digital Campaign and Experiential Activation at Sundance

Telescope and Francis Ford Coppola Winery’s Digital Campaign and Experiential Activation at Sundance

In addition to the digital campaign, FFCW wanted to extend the experience to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Telescope provided and powered three custom branded kiosks with a built-in native application that mimicked the digital experience. This experiential activation gave festival attendees the opportunity to film and submit their own stories, on-site at three different locations throughout Sundance.

The campaign was highlighted in ADWEEK and saw huge success with a number of fans and stars alike submitting their UGC videos.

Select entries will be edited into a final hero video and shared online to celebrate Francis Ford Coppola’s birthday in April 2019.


Discovery’s Racing Extinction 

#StartWith1Thing Social Photo Filter

To promote awareness around the environmentally conscious film, Racing Extinction, Discovery wanted to encourage individuals with the idea of #StartWith1Thing. Giving people the opportunity to pledge to change one habit in their lives in order to help combat climate change.

Discovery partnered with us to create an engaging UGC campaign – giving users a chance to create branded content while simultaneously amplifying the #StartWith1Thing message.

Users could upload an image from their phones or Facebook, chose a custom photo filter and entered their pledge in one seamless social photo filter experience. All of the unique submissions were displayed in an interactive gallery with an option to share on their social accounts.

The campaign saw huge success and catapulted the social conversation of taking on climate change. More than 6,500 pledges made and over 2,000 Facebook shares.

UGC Social Photo Filter

UGC Social Photo Filter UGC Social Photo Filter


Coca-Cola: Fifa World Cup Trophy Tour 2018

Global Social Photo Visualization 

For the 2018 FIFA Trophy Tour, Coca-Cola teamed up with us to bring fans around the globe together like never before.

Using our UGC tools, we curated fan content from Facebook and Twitter in one social visualization. Sitting on Coca Cola’s Journey Page, the fan visualization let fans from around the world share their excitement for the upcoming global event.

FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Telescope UGC Tools


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