Sports are naturally live experiences. The real-time nature of games creates an element of excitement that’s unparalleled in the world of entertainment. It’s what draws fans from all over the world to the stadiums and encourages people of all ages to put on their team’s jersey, tune in and support their local team.

Live streaming acts as the perfect medium to let fans be part of the experience and share their voice, live, while the action is happening. With streaming, teams are able to connect, entertain and engage with their fans in the world’s largest stadium – social media platforms.

As trusted partners with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube – our award-winning live streaming technology and video production services are the perfect solution to bring your fans into the game. Keep reading to discover how live streaming allows you to:

  • Create Hype Before the Game
  • Engage Your Fan Base – Live and In Real-Time
  • Keep the Conversation Going Post Game


Create Hype Before the Game

We all know that feeling of intensity and anticipation before a game. Which team will come out on top? Will there be any major upsets? Who can claim bragging rights for bringing home the ‘W’?

There are lots of ways to drive awareness of your game and kick-off the conversation before you go live. When streaming on FB or YouTube, you can use scheduling tools to attract an audience ahead of time. This will provide an announcement post that can be shared socially or embedded as a link, enabling fans to opt-in for a reminder to watch live. Another great tactic – tease content and start the conversation with audiences early with polls, comments, trivia.

If you’re working with hosts and talent for the live show, encourage the influences to promote and post your content beforehand to drive reach around your broadcast. Working with partners? Include sponsors for monetization opportunities and branded content tools to drive visibility and data capture.

Live Streaming Sport Game


Engage Your Fan Base – Live and In Real-Time

Live streaming gives you the opportunity to connect teams with fans like never before. Create unique live-moments and incorporate your fan’s voice into the stream by displaying their comments on-air, live in-real time.

Use challenges, polls, and trivia to keep up with the momentum of the game and keep fans engaged by highlighting what’s coming up next or featuring live player QAs.

When going live it’s also important to think ‘mobile-first’ and inform your audience with a clear CTA. Live Video calls are another great way to highlight super fans and give them their ’15 seconds of fame’.

Sport Live Stream


Keep the Conversation Going Post Game

Just because the game is over – doesn’t mean the conversation has to end.

With Facebook’s custom audience tool, you can retarget fans post-live with additional info and stats around the game.  A VOD will be also available shortly after the live broadcast. You can attract additional viewers by updating your post copy and title to reflect the VOD content and linking to the original video.

Looking for another great way to keep fans engaged? Optimize your content by creating highlight clips from the stream for social media and continue to drive the conversation around your team.


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