Telescope and Whistle Sports Partner to Tip Off The Basketball Tournament on Facebook Live


5 on 5 Basketball Tournament Banks Over One Million Views Thus Far on Social Media Video Platform

Los Angeles, Calif., July 19, 2016 – Telescope, the award-winning technology company that powers real-time participation and social experiences, partnered with The Tournament and Whistle Sports to launch live streaming of every game of The Basketball Tournament Presented by Jack Link’s Protein Snacks (TBT) on Facebook Live. The Tournament features a standard playoff format open to any applicants across the country, with a grand prize of $2,000,000 for the winning team. The games run on a weekly basis and culminate in a championship on August 2nd, 7P ET on ESPN.

The regional games of The Basketball Tournament Presented by Jack Link’s Protein Snacks began this past weekend in Charlotte and Los Angeles, which saw over 40,000 and 30,000 views for each city at any given time, respectively. In total, there were over 1,700,000 views across 24 games once the weekend streams concluded.

“Whistle Sports has proven itself an amazing innovator in the social sports space and is now pushing into the next frontier: professional quality live streaming to social networks,” said Jason George, CEO of Telescope, Inc. “By enabling audiences to watch the action from wherever they are, engage directly with the broadcast, and discuss what’s unfolding with their fellow viewers — all in real time — the experience will push the boundaries of live sports viewing by enabling one of the most advanced live-streaming activations available today.”

“Social media is about immediacy, engagement and connection. Broadcasting the tournament on Whistle Sports’ pages via Facebook Live will give our millions of fans across the globe immediate access to 64 amazing TBT teams who are all competing for a two million dollar grand prize,” said Jeff Urban, President & Co-Founder, Whistle Sports.

TBT is an open application, 5-on-5 single elimination basketball tournament that is winner-take-all. The next regionals take place in Chicago and Philadelphia on July 16 & 17. The “Super 16” regional championships will take place from July 21-23 in Philadelphia, with the semifinals and championship occurring on July 30 and August 2, respectively.

“We’re excited to partner with Whistle Sports to bring TBT’s Regional games to basketball fans all across the globe via Facebook Live. Each team in our 64-team field finds itself only 6 wins away from $2 million. Every second of every game matters. Thanks to Whistle’s large social media footprint, more basketball fans than ever will experience TBT’s single-elimination, high stakes intensity. Every game is a Game 7,” said Jon Mugar, CEO, Founder, The Basketball Tournament Presented by Jack Link’s Protein Snacks.

Telescope’s Live Studio will be underpinning the Facebook Live broadcast. A complete Facebook Live management and production tool, Live Studio’s producer console enables you to instantly connect with your viewers through real-time curation and moderation of the conversation, integration of followers direct into a live stream, discovery and display of trends, and features to gauge audience feedback in real-time such as dynamic polls. All content can be published to the live stream with a range of live graphics templates and custom solutions.

About TBT

The Basketball Tournament Presented by Jack Link’s Protein Snacks (TBT) is a 64 team, single elimination, professional basketball competition with a winner takes all grand prize of $2,000,000. The ultimate opportunity for fans, athletes and social media mavens to live out their dreams and chase once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, teams qualify for TBT by garnering online support on Launched in 2014, hundreds of teams and thousands of players have applied to play in TBT over the past 3 years.

About Telescope

Telescope works at the intersection between content and audiences – providing solutions for media businesses to create, publish, and monetize content to reach a modern consumer base quickly abandoning traditional methods of consumption. An industry leader in real-time participation and unique native social applications with a focus on video solutions, we ensure brands connect to fans in innovative ways by delivering relevant interactive content and deeply engaging social experiences.

Our suite of digital products and social marketing platform, Connect Live, enables clients to curate and display rich user generated content, deploy 24/7 applications or real-time campaigns, and reach new audiences through a range of social amplification tools. Our technology powers the most demanding and highest-profile campaigns across TV, entertainment, sports, news, brands and live events — with record-breaking results. Our fully responsive solutions are built to function on any platform or device, and can reach your audience wherever they are.

Based in Los Angeles, with offices in New York and London, we are entrusted by the world’s largest media brands and social platforms – including Facebook, American Idol/FOX, The Voice/NBC, Miss Universe, CNN, NBA, NASCAR, Sprint, Sprite and more.

About Whistle Sports

Whistle Sports creates, curates and delivers compelling sports content for fans and brands across multiple social, digital and TV platforms. Since its formal launch in 2014, Whistle Sports has built an active, global community with 400 of the world’s most engaging sports content creators that now encompasses over 170 million aggregate subscribers, fans and followers with a growth rate of over 2 million a week. The company’s investors and equity holders include Tegna, NBC Sports, Sky Sports, Liberty Global and Emil Capital, as well as multiple professional sports leagues.