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Multi-channel voting: customized online, voice-activated “Alexa” skill & Twitter hashtag vote in real-time with live reveal

Category Vote with Video of the Year and Artist of the year


Telescope has powered MTV’s VMA voting since its online launch in 2007.  Previous voting methods have included SMS, and Facebook Messenger voting.  

In 2019, voting was kicked into high gear with voice-activated voting via Alexa, daily “power hour” which boosted votes, and a battle royal via Twitter hashtag used in show to determine the winner in Best New Artist Category.

Category Vote with contestant images
Taylor Swift performing at the VMAs
CTA with Amazon Alexa that tells users to vote


Online voting:

  • Utilizing a customized online vote product, Telescope supported 14 categories for the 2019 VMAs.

  • Telescope also introduced two new voting elements this year. The first allowed fans to interactively vote via the voice-activated MTV Alexa Skill. The second introduced daily “power hours” which doubled the online vote limit from 10 to 20 for 1 key hour per day.

SMS  voting: Users texted keyword to a short code.

Facebook messenger voting: Users sent a message to the official FB account and were then able to vote for their favorite nominees in various categories. 

Twitter hashtag voting:  To continue the vote into the live broadcast, MTV utilized our Twitter Vote product to allow the at-home viewer to make the final call between the top 2 remaining Best New Artist finalists by tweeting the promoted hashtag. The final winner was announced during the live show broadcast.

Ad unit voting for the Taco Bell new artist vote


Customized Online voting - Vote on various categories via website, Facebook Messenger. Daily “power hour” feature boosted vote limit for one hour per day.  

Voice-activated voting using the MTV Alexa skill

Additional online features:

  • Ad Voting: Telescope launched the first ever Ad Unit Vote during Phase 2 of the 2017 Video Music Awards.  Hosted at the top of the website, the Taco Bell sponsored ad allowed users to vote directly within the ad, using email address login to submit their votes.

  • Video: While voting for their favorite artists, fans could also watch the music video for each nominated video before casting their vote.

  • Sweepstakes: Once fans submitted their votes, they could enter to win a trip to the VMA’s. The sweepstakes entry form provided MTV with voter data.

 SMS vote: Standard rate text message vote using keyword and short code

 Twitter hashtag vote: Users tweeted the hasttag to vote during the live broadcast and determined in-show final result for one category


Daily “power hour” not only created social campaign awareness on a daily basis, but rewarded at-home users for their key engagement.

Twitter vote boosted viewer engagement to determine a final winner during the live broadcast.


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