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Impact voting and live show play-along mechanics with content integration to air.

Dancing with the Stars online voting page


We're happy to announce the recent launch of the online and SMS voting for the 32nd season of Dancing with the Stars! The show was broadcasted on ABC (ET/CT), as well as on a Disney+ live simulcast. With the Disney+ livestream being a part of the viewing component, we extended the voting to a wider audience base, namely U.S. (including select US Territories) and Canada. With the larger audience, the online voting was supported in three languages, including English, French, and Spanish.

Telescope has partnered with Dancing With The Stars since its 19th season, engaging its audience across multiple platforms and incorporating social media engagement into the show in innovative ways.  Over the seasons, Telescope has powered online and SMS voting, live show play-along mechanics (You Be the Judge Rating App, Passion Meter), and Tweets-to-air as well as custom experiences like DWTS ‘Switch Up’.

Dancing with the Stars Judges sitting at table holding up scoring paddles
DWTS online voting page
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Online Voting: Voters logged on to to cast their votes for their favorite dancer/couple. Results were revealed LIVE during the ET/CT broadcast.

SMS Voting: Text keyword to short code to cast vote for favorite dancers

You Be The Judge Rating app:

  • Telescope powered a live play-along rating app for DWTS where users during the East/Central airing could go online at to score the couples’ dance performances in real-time.

  • The results were then pushed on air and incorporated into each team’s score for that week.

Passion Meter:

  • This new play along mechanic enabled viewers to be the 4th judge by voting for their favorite couple live during the dance offs segment of the show. Users logged in to and then to play they would tap on their favorite couple.  The Passion Meter scale updated in real time in favor of the couple the audience was most passionate about.

  • The broadcast experience displayed the live results on a 30-foot LED in the studio, providing a unique interactive backdrop to the performances.

Tweets to air:

  • In season 20, fans could tweet along during the show using #DWTS for the chance to have their tweet appear live on-air during the broadcast.

  • Using Connect Live, we curated and moderated all social content in real-time. Select tweets were projected on air during the show, giving viewers a live insight on the social buzz around the show and increasing real-time social engagement throughout the broadcast.


  • In addition to our standard offerings, Telescope also provided custom solutions for Switch Up & America’s Choice.

  • The application for allowed users to choose new parings for the celebrities and professional dancers that week (Switch Up) and choose which song and wardrobe the couples had that week (America’s Choice).

Online ratings app page, vote page and switch up vote


  • Online vote: visit the website and cast votes via ABC's OneID. Users must have a OneID account in order to vote via online. ABC, Disney+ and free Disney accounts will all work and the login flow is handled within the OneID modal using ABC's identify flow.

  • SMS vote: text keyword to short code

  • Passion Meter: Play-along game with live in-show visualization to show fan support for each couple.

  • Tweets to air: Tweet with hashtag, select tweets displayed on-air during live broadcast

  • Switch Up/America’s Choice: Allow users to choose between preset options to change elements of the show