America's Got Talent Vote

America's Got Talent looked to evolve the show and generate a new way for fans to vote for their favorite contestants.

America's Got Talent online voting page with desktop and mobile view


Telescope launched the first ever Google vote for America’s Got Talent, enabling viewers at home to vote for their favorite contestants by a simple Google search of “AGT”. This search automated the AGT vote interface directly into Google’s search landing page. Through a unique integration with Telescope’s social marketing platform , Connect Live , and Google, Telescope was able to verify and authenticate the Google search votes along with the other voting methods ( Online , Facebook , and Toll-Free ).

AGT Google vote page
AGT app promo
Audience view of the AGT Stage with person sitting at computer


Following the show, voters had an overnight window to cast their votes using multiple methods. Telescope’s high-capacity system collected, counted and aggregated all votes, and verified results were aired during subsequent episodes of America’s Got Talent.

Mobile view of 3 AGT voting pages: landing page, vote selection and vote submission


For AGT, we supported Online, Native App, Xfinity (Set Top Box i.e. voice remote), and Xfinity Alt voting methods. We also hosted the sponsored Dunkin’ Save which lived on and within the Native App experience.

Most recently, Telescope implemented updates to Online Voting and The AGT Official App Vote in order to support basic functionality of native Accessibility software in conjunction with the device’s native browser.

Online (including Xfinity Alt): Voters logged in with email or FB via the website or by using the native app and submitted their votes for their favorites.

Xfinity (X1) Set Top Box Vote: Voters with Comcast and an X1 set top box could vote using their remote control.

Toll-free: Voters called the toll-free phone line (per artist) to cast their votes.

Google Search Voting (instant save done through google search voting)

Dunkin’ Save which lived on and within the Native App experience. Results were delivered live-on air.


This solution extended the reach of the show and created another seamless vote method for fans while also driving rich content around the AGT vote.

AGT online voting page with desktop and mobile view