America’s Got Talent


America’s Got Talent wanted to further evolve the way that fans interact with the show and generate a new way for fans to vote for their favorite contestants.


Telescope launched the first ever Google vote for America’s Got Talent, enabling viewers at home to vote for their favorite contestants by a simple Google search of “AGT”. This search automated the AGT vote interface directly into Google’s search landing page.
Through a unique integration with Telescope’s social marketing platform, Connect Live, and Google, Telescope was able to verify and authenticate the Google search votes along with the other voting methods (Online, Facebook, and Toll Free).

To drive richer data for NBC and the show’s sponsor, Snapple, Telescope also integrated a sweepstakes mechanic into the vote application. Using a custom sweepstakes product, fans were automatically directed to the sweepstakes entry once they voted. Fans received shareable Snapple content, which drove social amplification.


This solution extended the reach of the show and created another seamless vote method for fans while also driving rich content around the AGT vote.