Billboard Music Award's TikTok Vote

To elevate fan engagement prior to the award’s show, Dick Clark Productions turned to Telescope to power the VERY first US TikTok vote for the 2020 Billboard Music Awards!

BBMA vote on tiktok


Telescope has been the tried and true partner of the Billboard Music Awards vote since 2015 but in 2020 Dick Clark Productions turned to Telescope for a fresh and innovative voting method to engage users like never before. For the first time EVER within the US, Telescope powered the TikTok native vote drawing in and engaging millions of users on the rapidly growing and trendy social platform. In addition to the BBMA online voting site, fans had the ability to vote via TikTok's native app by searching #BBMAsVote and cast their votes for their favorite nominee(s) across 3 categories: Top Social Artist, Top Collaboration, and Billboard Chart Achievement Award. While TikTok fanatics scrolled through and enjoyed their daily dose of videos and trends, users could quickly and directly interact with the BBMAs vote without ever having to leave the site or enter a web view - making it a simple and quick user experience for the BBMA's ideal audience.

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 Tik Tok categories


TikTok users logged into the native app and had access to easily vote for their favorite nominees by searching #BBMAsVote in the search bar. Users were then directed to the voting page where they were presented with three categories of Top Social Artist, Top Collaboration, and Billboard Chart Achievement Award in which voters were able to scroll down to view the nominees for each category and cast their votes. Each day within the open vote window, individuals all around the world had the ability to vote up to 10 times for each category, allowing loyal music fans to return daily in hopes for their favorite artists to win!

tiktok vote ariana grande


  • Powered a TikTok voting method that has never been done before in the US and provided fans a unique way to vote

  • TikTok vote data received via Telescope API and validated through our comprehensive voting system to ensure accuracy

  • Complete vote interface within TikTok's app to create a full vote experience and avoid any user drop off by leaving the native environment

  • Wide audience reach and engagement through TikTok (800 million active users worldwide with a big reach in the Generation Z audience)

  • Allowing users to return day after day to keep voting for their favorite nominees


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