BET Greatest Rap Crew of All Time

Telescope partnered with BET to revolutionize the voting experience for the BET Greatest Rap Crew of All Time campaign.

BET GOAT Bracket Vote


BET, in partnership with Telescope, launched the "Greatest Rap Crew of All Time" vote as part of BET's year-long celebration of Hip Hop's 50th Anniversary. The six-week long campaign utilized Telescope’s Bracket Vote product, Battle Poll Product, and social voting. The Bracket Vote provided fans the ability to view rap crew videos and track the results of each round. The campaign aimed to determine the best rap crew of all time and reveal the winner at the BET Awards Show on June 25th, 2023.


Telescope's Bracket Vote allowed for a staggered rollout of voting for each matchup in each round and the Battle Polls. The campaign was promoted from BET's 50th Anniversary Hub, where users could find links to the Bracket Vote and articles on each matchup that featured an embedded Battle Poll. Fans could vote on Twitter using the #BETGreatestRapCrew hashtag plus the hashtag for the nominee they wish to vote for, and on Instagram with a simple comment on the Official BET account's posts. Voting took place over five rounds and spanned a six-week period, with each round opening and closing at specific times.

Battle Poll


  • Four vote methods, including Twitter hashtag voting and Instagram comment voting, Battle Polls, and Bracket Vote

  • Telescope's Bracket Vote allowed for a staggered rollout of voting for each matchup in each round

  • Battle Polls featured the ability to register for battle polls and use that log in for future battles

  • BET Awards Show tickets and swag were offered as a Sweepstakes prize to incentivize fans to vote

  • Voting was available worldwide for Twitter and Instagram, and to users 13yo+ in the United States for Battle Polls and Bracket Vote


The campaign was a resounding success, generating a buzz around Hip Hop's 50th Anniversary and the greatest rap crews of all time. The Sweepstakes also proved to be a popular incentive for fans to keep coming back to vote. With the multi-platform voting, the campaign engaged audience across social and the web.

Telescope's solutions helped BET create an engaging and interactive voting experience that kept fans hooked throughout the six-week campaign. Overall, the "Greatest Rap Crew of All Time" campaign was a prime example of how Telescope's solutions can drive engagement and generate buzz for clients.

Instagram Comment Voting