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Telescope Inc. partnered with MTV to deliver a powerful online voting experience for the 2023 CMT Music Awards.

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Telescope Inc. partnered with MTV to deliver a powerful online voting experience for the 2023 CMT Music Awards. The fan-voted awards featured nine categories, including Video of the Year, Female Video of the Year, Male Video of the Year, and more. With a combination of online voting and the Facebook comment voting, Telescope played a crucial role in engaging fans and ensuring a smooth voting process.


Telescope's expertise in online voting technology allowed fans to cast their votes easily and securely. The campaign included a Phase 1 voting period, where users across the US accessed the platform to vote in all nine categories, and a Phase 2 voting period, with all categories closed except for the top six Video Of The Year nominees.

Additionally, a key highlight on Show Day was the integration of the Facebook comment voting for the live voting, an exciting and seamless voting method. Fans could vote by commenting on designated Facebook posts using approved hashtags, with up to 10 votes per post, providing a maximum of 30 votes available per user with this vote method. Fans could vote on Facebook and online during the live show, and the vote results were revealed on air in the last act.

The voting process featured multiple phases, providing ample opportunities for fans to participate. The campaign included "Turbo Days" on specific dates, which allowed fans to double their votes, while "Power Hour" intensified voting from 1-2pm ET. This inclusive approach ensured a fair and engaging voting experience, accommodating fans' preferences and availability across the US.

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  • Online voting platform on, enabling fans across the US to participate in the vote

  • Innovative integration of the Facebook comment voting, offering an easy and interactive voting experience

  • Turbo Days and Power Hour voting, providing increased voting opportunities for fans

  • Secure voting process with user authentication and vote tracking

  • Fan-centric approach, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for a wide audience


The collaboration between Telescope and MTV for the 2023 CMT Music Awards Online Vote resulted in a highly successful voting campaign. Fans enthusiastically participated in the voting process, utilizing both our Online Vote Product and Facebook Comment Voting. This dynamic combination not only engaged existing fans but also attracted new participants across Facebook, expanding the reach of the vote and enhancing audience interaction.

The seamless integration of the Facebook comment voting showcased MTV's commitment to innovation and audience engagement. This inclusive approach allowed fans to express their opinions and support their favorite nominees using a platform they are already familiar with and enjoy. The successful implementation of this voting method highlights the continued evolution of social media voting and demonstrates how MTV continues to incorporate a variety of technologies to create memorable experiences for music fans.

The 2023 CMT Music Awards Online Vote, powered by Telescope, exemplified the importance of providing diverse voting methods to meet the changing preferences of audiences. By combining the convenience of online voting with the excitement of the Facebook comment voting, MTV and Telescope delivered an engaging and inclusive voting experience that connected fans, celebrated talent, and generated excitement throughout the campaign.

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