Extreme E GridPlay Vote

Extreme E launched their first ever electric off-road X-Prix racing series, and turned to Telescope to power their GridPlay voting that put fans everywhere at the heart of the action.


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Bringing together adrenaline, off-road racing and electric SUVs while highlighting climate change challenges across remote locations of the world, Extreme E kicked off their first ever X-Prix racing series in March 2021. As fan engagement remained high priority for Extreme E, they turned to Telescope to power their innovative GridPlay vote that allowed motor fans across the nation to 'get in the driver seat' and vote for their favorite drivers to impact the race outcomes.

 Extreme E driver contestants
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 GridPlay leaderboard


Fans could vote twice a day via Extreme E's website or on Twitter by tweeting hashtags #GridPlay accompanied by #DriversName. When voting on Extreme E's website, fans were asked to sign up or log in to an existing account. Once successfully signed in, users could scroll through and easily submit a vote for their favorite drivers. Fans' votes for each driver were calculated into a percentage and displayed on the leaderboard, making it public on which drivers were in the GridPlay lead.

After the votes closed (an hour into the 'Crazy Race'), the drivers' votes were then totaled together by team in which the team that racked up the most votes got to hand pick its spot on the starting line for the final race.

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  • Enhanced fan engagement while additionally allowing fans to influence the outcome of a race

  • Drove traffic to Extreme E's website through daily GridPlay voting twice a day

  • Sharing of submitted votes to social platforms including Twitter and Facebook increased brand awareness as well as the promotion of event