Formula E's Fanboost Vote with Leaderboard

Global online and social impact vote with leaderboard deciding which drivers to award the coveted Driver Fanboost just minutes prior to the start of the race.

Fanboost logo and lock up of four drivers up for vote


Formula E’s FanBoost Vote allows fans across the globe to determine which three drivers would receive a power-boost advantage at each of the Formula E races throughout the entire season.  Online voting opens 12 days before the racing event and closes 6 minutes before the start of the first race so fans are given the opportunity to make a real time impact up to the start of the race. The site also includes a leaderboard throughout the vote letting fans know how their favorite driver is doing through the vote period.  The final FanBoost result was revealed in real time at the race.

driver leaderboard with percentages
Twitter votes for drivers
countdown clock to next race


Formula E fans had up to 12 days prior to the race to cast their votes across multiple channels to give the racer of their choice a power-boost on the day of the race. Voting is open globally and the available methods throughout seasons have included Online, Twitter, and Instagram.

Additionally, fans could view the vote ranking of each of the drivers on the FanBoost leaderboard to see who was ahead.  On race day, voting windows closed mere minutes before the first race. The results were revealed live, and the top three vote-getters were awarded their power-boost advantage. Additionally fans are able to return at any time to see the final locked leaderboard for that races of any of the races prior.

Vote landing page, pop up of selected driver and confirmation pop up that your vote has been cast.


  • Worldwide voting with localization for 8 languages

  • Vote closes within minutes of race with real time data conveyed on race day

  • Online – voting was available internationally via the Formula E website and has included email, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and Apple login at various times

  • Live leaderboard - displays driver’s vote ranking, with data calculated in real time as well as leaderboards from prior races in the current season as well as multiple seasons back so fans are able to review prior Fanboost winners of prior seasons.

    Twitter – voting via branded Formula E routing hashtag

  • Instagram - voting via branded Formula E routing hashtag

  • Countdown clock to next Fanboost Voting period