ITHF Iconic Moments in Tennis History Vote and Sweepstakes

The International Tennis Hall of Fame invited tennis fans across the world to vote and weigh in on the most iconic moments in tennis history.


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To celebrate and determine the most phenomenal moments in tennis history, ITHF (International Tennis Hall of Fame) turned to Telescope to power their 'Iconic Moments in Tennis History' fan vote via online and Twitter. Tennis fans across the world had the ability to cast their votes for their favorite Tennis players and moments across five different categories: Most Epic Rivalry, Best Cinderella Story, Best Comeback Within a Match, Most Iconic Celebration, Moment of National Pride. Additionally, one lucky US voter who entered the sweepstakes had the opportunity to win a trip to the upcoming International Hall of Fame Induction Weekend.

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Online: To vote, fans had to navigate to the Iconic Moments in Tennis History vote site and login with an email address. To enter the sweepstakes (open for US users), fans had to check the box that stated they want to enter the sweepstakes via the login and fill in the fields of first/last name, phone number and zip code. Once logged in, users could click into each of the five categories and vote on their favorite moment ten times per day per category.

Twitter: To cast a vote via Twitter, fans had to Tweet utilizing the promoted hashtag #ITHFMomentsVote, along with their favorite contestant and one of the category hashtags.

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  • Category Vote : Fans had the ability to vote on five different categories and make an impact on the winning outcome.

  • Users had the ability to vote online and/or Twitter (10 times per day per category) for maximum reach and participation. Sharing of the vote enhanced campaign awareness.

  • Telescope fully managed the sweepstakes that rewarded and incentivized fans to keep voting throughout the campaign duration.