Luke Bryan Digital Autograph Application


Luke Bryan and Universal Music Group Nashville wanted to create a unique digital marketing campaign enabling Luke to connect to his fans in a personal way and ultimately drive more awareness and sales around his newly released album, Kill the Lights.


In partnership with Universal Music Group Nashville and Southern Made, Telescope powered an industry-first campaign for Luke Bryan on Facebook. To reward fans who bought his new album, Luke utilized Telescope’s Digital Autograph solution to send a personalized signed digital cover. Fans had just 24 hours to buy a copy of his new album at and login and comment on his Facebook page. In return, Luke personally signed every album cover sold.


The innovative digital experience increased album sales, drove social media buzz and expanded Luke’s fan base. The campaign was promoted with one single post on Luke’s Facebook page, but it generated substantial fan engagement, ultimately going viral. Over the 24-hour promotion period, he sold approximately 3,000 albums, which he personally signed for every fan. Luke’s Facebook post received 4,700+ comments and garnered 36,000+ new likes. In one day, Luke’s Facebook page increased by 150,000+ fans. Outside of his marketing initiatives, the campaign gave fans a truly memorable connection with a celebrity and used the power of Facebook to drive a global yet personal experience.

“Luke is very passionate about connecting with his fans in new ways, and Telescope’s technology and products coupled with Southern Made’s development allowed us to do that in a seamless way. The response from fans was substantial and the whole user experience completely exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working together again!”
-Tony Grotticelli, Universal Music Group Nashville


2016 Shorty Awards Bronze Honor, Best in Entertainment: Luke Bryan Digital Autograph Application