Nickelodeon's Kids Pick the President

Online interactive hub with UGC upload, vote, and printable digital swag

Kids Pick the President online voting page with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Gary Johnson


Nickelodeon launched their “Kids Pick the President” Campaign and partnered with Telescope to create an interactive hub that allowed kids to voice their opinion on the 2016 election.

The online hub utilized Telescope products to create a custom design  - such as chatter map, custom word cloud, uploader, and more - making the interface a completely interactive educational and entertaining experience for kids.

KPP fan filter with featured user questions
KPP online quiz with answers
KPP voting result page showing Hillary Clinton


The 2-month long campaign was designed to answer kids’ questions around the 2016 presidential election, keep them informed about the issues they care about, and let their voices be heard.

There were three phases to the campaign, with new products added at each phase, culminating with a “vote”.  The results were revealed during a live show. 

 Word Cloud (Custom): Kids answered poll-type questions and the results were displayed in the form of a “word cloud.” The word cloud animated and shifted colors depending on the user’s answers.

Heat Map (Based off Chatter Map): Users answered poll-like questions with the answers displayed on a color-coded “heat map.” The map showed the color for the most popular answer by state.

 Uploader and Fan Feed: Users answered questions from the main page and then clicked out to a sub-page to see the Fan Feed. The Fan Feed displayed curated questions kid’s had for the candidates. These were moderated and approved by Nickelodeon and the feed featured the user’s question, state and first name.

 Inquizator: Kids took quizzes to see what their front page newspaper would feature if they were “President for a day.” Users could also save or print their “front page” paper.

 EasyMeme: Kids could create their own memes, choosing between Nickelodeon characters and pre-made meme language. After creating memes, users could save or print their meme.

Vote: During Phase 3 only, users could voice their opinion and vote for who they thought should be President, choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. After voting, users could print or save an “I voted” sticker.

Voters could cast one vote per day leading up to the Live Show on 11/5 when the results were revealed on-air.

Kids pick the president online hub, word map and candidate information page


  • Word Cloud: Animated visualization of answers to polls which shifted in size and color depending on the selected answers

  • Heat Map: Visual display of poll answers showing the most popular answers per state

  • Uploader/Fan Feed: Moderated display of user-generated questions

  • Inquizator: Image generator based on responses to quiz questions

  • EasyMeme: Meme generator with a variety of pre-approved character images and meme language

  • Vote: Custom ballot-style vote with printable “I Voted” sticker; results revealed on-air


Emmy Award Statue
  • Outstanding Interactive Original Content (Daytime) - Nickelodeon's Kids Pick The President Hub

Meme generator and Spongebob meme, online social hub for Kids Pick The President