Discovery's Shark Week "Sharkopedia" Trivia Game and Leaderboard

Interactive trivia app with leaderboard and sweepstakes entry

Sharkopedia Trivia Game Promo Image


Leading up to the 28th year of Shark Week, Discovery Networks wanted to engage their audience and increase tune-in with a fun interactive experience: Sharkopedia Trivia.  Telescope powered the trivia application which allowed fans to answer shark-themed questions and be entered into a sweepstakes to win fantastic Shark Week gear.

To increase trivia participation and drive awareness around Shark Week, users could share their scores across social media and invite their friends to play along. As fans interacted, a leaderboard generated a real-time ranking based on everyone’s scores.

Trivia game intro video and login
Trivia game answer and score
Final score and prompt to invite friends to play


Trivia game: Telescope merged our InQuizator and Triple Play products to create a daily trivia game for users who wanted to test their shark knowledge.  Users visited the Discovery Networks webpage to play, and were entered into a daily sweepstakes after the final question.  Players could also share their scores on social media, creating excitement around the game and Shark Week.


Leaderboard: We combined the trivia game with a leaderboard component so that users could challenge their friends daily. A fun feature we added to this leaderboard was the ability for users to invite NEW friends to the application rather than just the ability to challenge friends already participating in the trivia.

Shark Week trivia game question and leaderboard


Trivia (InQuizator and Triple Play): The merging of our two products enabled users to answer a set of multiple-choice trivia questions.   After the final question was answered, participants were entered into a sweepstakes and had the chance to share their scores across social media.

Leaderboard: After playing, users had the ability to challenge friends – including new users who hadn’t previously played – to join in the fun.  The leaderboard ranked the scores of all participating players in real-time.